Creating a Fairer Scotland: a chat with the Digital Sentinel Update


The Digital Sentinel heard a lot of interesting discussion yesterday at our chat about poverty and what would make a fairer Scotland.

We carried out a discussion at Wester Hailes library before speaking to some people at Westside Plaza

We have received an additional quote from Susan Shippey who works with Edinburgh Council, is involved with Challenge Poverty Week and the One City Trust.

I think a Fairer Scotland would be a country where everyone is valued equally and no-one is stigmatised or blamed for their poverty. Poverty is principally caused by structural factors such as worklessness, ill-health, low pay and inadequate benefits, and not by people’s individual behaviours. Once the “haves” stop looking down on the “have nots” and start to realise that we all will do better in a more equal country, then we’ll be living in a fair Scotland, one I’ll be proud of.

Though Challenge Poverty Week may be coming to a close tomorrow, the Fairer Scotland discussion is still taking place and the Scottish Government wants to hear from you about what would make Scotland a fairer place to live and what actions could be taken to make it a reality. To share your views visit the Fairer Scotland website here.

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