Clovenstone’s Happy Film celebrating 40 years in the Community

Clovenstone Community Centre sign

Clovenstone Community Centre and Clovenstone Primary have produced a ‘Happy’ film to celebrate their 40 year anniversary in the area.

We met with local resident Mo Connolly for her first article on the Digital Sentinel at our first drop-in at Clovenstone Community Centre  to discuss the big news!

I have been staying in Clovenstone for 21 years now.  I came over from Fife to what I thought was a ‘concrete jungle’ but people helped me to find my feet in the community.  And my purpose these days is to put something back into the community that helped me over the years.  I am so very grateful for the help and support from the locals.  I grew in confidence by joining the neighbourhood council which was Clovenstone West back in 1992.  This is how I became a Community Activist.

I have been in Clovenstone for 21 years. I think Clovenstone Community Centre is a brilliant resource.  It’s a hub. It brings people together.  This Clovenstone Happy video has totally blown me away! It’s brilliant!’

 Please have a look.


Story submitted by Mo Connolly.

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