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I enjoyed the new 007 movie – Daniel Craig seems one of the best Bonds. I felt Roger Moore in olden times was too polite and suave (though he is a great guy in real life).  Then you had Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and others (not forgetting Pierce Brosnan)  who brought their own charisma and acting skills to the role – they surely were almost as good as Sir Sean. Craig has a very good style of sarcastic humour which Connery introduced to the role.  There are many breath-taking cliffhanging  incidents – although they are spectacularly violent at times we take it all with a pinch of salt, we know that it is a firework display and the actors will all walk away unscathed.  The Villain in ‘SPECTRE’ is Christolph Walz who is very good although I felt the back story that he is Bond’s stepbrother who he grew up with not very convincing.  We are treated to the expected whirlwind World Tour of exotic locations – Mexico City, Rome and London (which wins).

I felt that Christolph Walz is too humorous for his role, it needs a really scary actor such as Christopher Lee or Donald Pleasance who filled this slot in the past (or the original Dr No or Blofeld).  I enjoyed the scenes at the Alpine Spa where James is sent for Psychiatric evaluation.  It is an actual uber-hotel on top of a mountain – Hitler style.  Bond visits what appears to be a cocktail bar and orders the mythic Martini (shaken not stirred) only to be told that no alcohol is served and is offered a sort of alcohol-free Jagermeister – it’s a very funny scene.  Eventually Walz, his step-brother, captures 007 and decides to drill into his brain with an extra long dentist’s drill, the purpose being to …“Kill your soul, James”. With the help of his Girl Friday this is interrupted and they escape (not before some trial drilling however).  There are great car chases – wheels come off of course, we finally are treated to his Aston Martin which has been rebuilt – but he has to steal it back from H.Q. ‘SPECTRE’ is a very entertaining movie which I can recommend.

Story submitted by G.H./2015.

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