Scottish Election: Blair Heary Labour Candidate

Blair Heary Labour Scottish Election 2016

Blair Heary has been chosen as the Scottish Labour Party candidate for Edinburgh Pentlands in the upcoming 2016 Scottish Government Election.

Blair grew up in Edinburgh Pentlands, attending Bonaly Primary and Firrhill High. He went on to study at the University of Edinburgh and Screen Academy Scotland. He worked in the care sector for several years supporting young adults with complex special needs. He also worked in hospitality and television production. Blair currently works as a caseworker and lives in Bonaly.

You can find out more information about Blair as well as follow his campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Blair also has several short videos outlining his opinion on key issues here.

The Scottish parliament election will be held on Thursday 5 May 2016. The election results from 2011 were an SNP win for Gordon Macdonald with 11,197 votes, followed by Conservative candidate David William McLetchie with 9,439, Labour candidate Ricky Henderson 7,993 votes and Liberal Democrat candidate Simon James Clark with 1,420. Blair will be competing against SNP Candidate Gordon Macdonald, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party candidate Gordon Lindhurst and Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate Emma Farthing-Sykes.

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