Wester Hailes goes to the polls

Wester Hailes has joined the rest of Scotland in heading to the polling stations to vote and have their say in who will represent them at Holyrood

The polling stations are open until 10.00pm tonight so make sure you know where, when and how to vote so you don’t miss out.

More than 366,000 citizens have registered to vote, with around 70% of the city’s approximately 74,000 postal voters having already returned their papers.

The public are being reminded to think carefully before casting their vote, and ensuring they do so by marking one clear X on both their constituency and regional ballot papers.

Andrew Kerr, Returning Officer for Edinburgh, said:

Months of preparation have led up to this point, and I hope that we see a great turnout of voters across the city, similarly to recent elections.

We want everyone to be able to have their say in this significant vote, and don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity because they’re not sure how to. Therefore, I would urge voters to take extra care when filling out their ballot papers.


Those planning to take part in the Election are also being advised to take great care when filling out their ballot paper, by marking a single X next to their choice on both their regional and constituency ballot papers. Additional comments, marks or mistakes can result in a vote not being counted.

The secrecy of ballot papers is important as it ensures no one feels under pressure to vote in a particular way.

All votes are secure and accounted for so that the final result can be trusted. Every ballot paper, whether used, unused or spoilt, is accounted for and treated as highly sensitive and confidential.

Votes will be counted as soon as possible after the close of the poll at 10pm.

Full details of vote security and counting are available online.

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