Kaleidoscope: Local Poems


Welcome to Kaleidoscope your source for arts and entertainments created in Wester Hailes by local people!

We have had two great poems submitted to us by one our community reporters:


This is my home ground
out in the Sticks
where I can smell the good earth
feel western winds kiss my cheek
look up into Gagarin’s blue yonder
this is where I feel at home


Brexit? – uv no had ma breakfast yet pal
am gone doon tae the Little Chef wagon on Gourock docks
furra doubledecker roll wi square sausage an black puddin’
then inty Cleats Bar furra pint
efter which a’l take ma trusty fishin rod onty the pier
an hopefully catch ma supper

Poems submitted by G.Hendry

If you would like to contribute anything to Kaleidoscope or want to know more about it then please get in touch at digitalsentinel@whalearts.co.uk or call Craig on 0131 458 3267. You can submit a story directly on our website.

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