Police target violence and antisocial behaviour around Westside Plaza

Police Scotland have released a statement following a day of focused activity targeting violence and antisocial behaviour around Westside Plaza.

Last Friday saw the South West welcome some additional resources for the day for a planned day of action. 18 officers including Chief Inspectors, Inspectors, Detective Sergeants, Sergeants and Constables descended on the Wester Hailes area; focusing on targeting violence and antisocial behaviour around Westside Plaza, warrant executions and plain clothes patrols.

The team had some excellent results including positive engagement with the community and local businesses who had previously told us they were concerned about antisocial behaviour in the area. They also successfully carried out: 

  • 4 positive stop and searches
  • 3 males detained in relation to drugs possession with 1 charged in connection with this. 
  • 1 arrest on warrant
  • 2 warrant executions

The planned day of action came about because of feedback the Police received from the community about what was important to them. If you want to give your own feedback and shape the Police’s community plan then please let them know here.

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