Clovie Kids tree planting at Community Garden

Edible Estates and WHALE Arts Creative Placemaker have been busy the past couple of weeks working with the community to plant a hedgerow of trees around the Clovenstone Community Garden.
Clovenstone Community Centre after school clubs, Clovenstone Primary school and Access to Industry have all got involved to help plant the trees. The school formed the self titled “Magical Tree Squad”, a special lunch club of Primary 5 and 6 pupils who have now become tree planting experts and have taken great care in helping look after the trees.
The club tasted food and drink made by the Clovenstone Community garden from the tree species they were planting including elderberry cordial, hazelnut biscuits and rosehip jelly.
They also created their own Christmas wishes to accompany the trees they helped plant and their wishing tree will be on display in the school across the festive season. Edible Estates and WHALE Arts would like to thank the community for their support in making this happen.
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