Wester Hailes Launches its first community Fridge

On Tuesday 3rd December, SCOREscotland launched the first Community Fridge in Westerhailes, the West of Edinburgh. The fridge enables businesses and residents to share any surplus food with the local community rather than the food get wasted.

The community fridge provides the community access to food and reduce waste. The fridge is an effort to tackle the massive food waste problem in the UK. The average house in the UK throws £700 worth of food every year. At the same time 4 million people in the UK are living in food poverty.

SCOREscotland secured funding from Cimate Challenge Fund to initiate the fridge. The Fridge is being supported by environmental charities such as Hubbub and Zero Waste Scotland.

The SCOREscotland community fridge is one of many across the UK in an attempt to raise awareness of food wastage and food poverty in the UK. The launch introduced the Fridge and concept into the local community. This was followed up with activities related to food wastage and climate literacy as part of the Green Futures Project at SCOREscotland.

SCOREscotland is searching for local food businesses and allotment holders in Edinburgh to support the fridge by donating any surplus food to the community fridge.

The Fridge is welcome to everyone. Located in WHALE Arts Centre, 30 Westburn Grove, Edinburgh, EH14 2SA. Open Monday to Friday from 10am – 4pm.

To learn more about the fridge please contact: info@scorescotland.org.uk, Tel:  0131 4422341

Nabirye Balyejusa, Manager SCOREscotland, said:

The community fridge is a fantastic idea because it enables us to do our part to reduce how much we send to the landfill sites

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