Help Explore Westburn Woods

Photo from the Explorers Of Westburn Woods

Local artist Pam Van De Brug has been creating an Explorers Guide to Westburn Woods as part of WHALE Arts Creative Placemaking Project.

She has created a new blog inviting the people of Wester Hailes to share their stories and tales to contribute to the book. So far people have been sharing their poems in relation to woods and nature, as well as telling stories and memories of other woods. 

Would anyone else like to share or produce something?

A poem, a haiku, a story, a memory, or something else? It doesn’t have to be about Westburn Woods either. It could be about other woods, trees, leaves, bugs, birds, walking in woods, climbing trees as a child or as an adult, or anything related to woods. 

All of the words on woods will be added to the blog as they arrive, and they will be shared at some point in the future.

In the meantime, some of the words will be shared in a small printed ‘zine’ which will be put in the WHALE Arts Friday lunch packs. So, if yours arrives by Wednesday 27th May it will be included. If it arrives later then it will still be shared via the blog and will be included when they are all collected together in the coming months. 

Visit the Blog to read the other four poems that have been submitted as well as see photos of the Westburn Woods. 

If you have any questions or would like more information contact

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