Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017

This week beginning Monday 27th March 2017 marks Police Scotland’s Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Hate crime is a priority for Police Scotland and the campaign seeks to reinforce the message that prejudice based on:

– Sexual orientation
– Transgender identity
– Disability
– Race
– Religion

will not be tolerated.  The campaign aims to provide a greater understanding to the public about what constitutes hate crime and how it can be reported.

Police Scotland have organised a timetable of activities covering various areas of Scotland.  More information can be found below

The Definition of a Hate Crime:

Hate crime is defined as a crime perceived as being motivated by malice or ill will towards a particular social group on the basis of their actual or presumed sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability, race or religion.

Individuals who think targeting people who are different to them is acceptable behaviour are being forced to think again. Police Scotland is working with partner organisations to end such activity and bring perpetrators to justice.

Report Hate Crime to Police Scotland or click here to find information on reporting to other supporting agencies. You can also find more information through the Police Scotland Hate Crime video channel on Youtube.

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