SCOREscotland celebrates 50 Years of Wester Hailes

WHALE Arts was rocking on Saturday as SCOREscotland’s CommUNITY Voices project invited the community to come together and celebrate 50 years of Wester Hailes.

The event, funded by the Wester Hailes Community Trust as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, invited local people to come together, have a great time, share stories and celebrate the different cultures that makeup Wester Hailes.

The event was full of music; with bagpipes and African drumming mixing together, a session for young people to learn some drumming themselves.

SCOREscotland’s Green Futures project held one of their popular Swap Shop offering the chance of exchanging some old clothes to refresh your wardrobe, as well as some arts and crafts.

There were blasts from the past on show with a display of newspapers, photos and stories from the Wester Hailes Sentinel Archive, a social history walk led by a local community activist, a presentation by Lisa Williams from the Edinburgh Caribbean Association, who has been working with SCOREscotland’s youth groups, on Black History in Edinburgh, and a special early performance by SCOREscotland’s Knots and Crosses Youth Club depicting Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Have a look at our photos of the event below:

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